Veterinary Services

Animal Medical Center of Lawenceville is one of the longest running veterinary hospitals in Gwinnett. We offer a wide variety of products and services. We are always happy to help with anything an animal or owner may need. Some of our services are listed below. 


Animal Medical Center also provides care to many, more unique animals. We treat ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, pigs, and more! if you have any questions about other animals, feel fee to give us a call!

I'm just gonna take a little siesta. 

An effective post-surgery treatment

Going away for the weekend? Let your furry friend stay with us!

From neuters to mass removals and many others, we can get your pet back on their feet!

From you newly adopted puppy to your family dog, we can get you exactly what you need for a healthy pet!

Feline Friends

Sometimes not the most eager to visit the vet, we make your feline friend right at home!

K-Laser Therapy



Canine Companions

Are you having family over for the holidays? Does your pet shed a lot or seems hot during the summer? or has your pet spent just a little too much time in the great outdoors? Bring them in and let our groomer, Dena, take care of them for you!

No dogs or cats? That's fine with us! feel free to bring your pocket pet, bird, or reptile! we have even seen some pigs and chickens on occasion!